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What's old is new - Luxxie Boston tells Wall St. the Slip is the next BIG IDEA!

We are going to be on CNBC's PowerPitch TODAY WEDNESDAY AUGUST 27 @ 1pm EST.  Tune in to cast your vote on Luxxie Boston!  
When CNBC approached us to be featured on PowerPitch, we were insanely excited for the opportunity especially since we only went to market 6 weeks ago!  I travelled down to their World Headquarters and we taped my pitch in the Mad Money studio.  Thanks Jim, for letting me play with your toys.
Given this was my first time on cable TV, I was nervous.  I had no idea how I was going to react in front of the camera.  Armed with my Burgundy Bralette Silk Slip with lace my body temperature was wonderfully regulated and all I had to do was remind myself to breathe.  Everyone in the studio loved how the lace of my slip peeked out of the slit in my skirt.  You can probably catch it several times during the show.  Our model was the talk of the CNBC studio when she walked on to the set wearing the Burgundy Bustier Silk Slip.  
The expert panel consisted of:
Kelly Hoey, Chief Marketing Officer of Cuurio,
Lawrence Lenihan, Founder and Managing Director of Firstmark Capital
Divya Gugnani, CEO of Concept to Co
They were a treasure trove of valuable information and advice, but you be the judge.  With free shipping and free returns, you can assess for yourself if Luxxie Boston is the next BIG IDEA!
Have a glorious day!

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