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Two Numbers: That's All You Need for the Perfect Holiday Gift


Her bra size and her dress size: those are the only two things you need to know to finally get her a sexy, stylish holiday gift with no fuss. With just those two numbers you can get her the signature Luxxie Slip, a solution to her daily wardrobe struggles that’s also fun and flirty enough to wear on its own at home. Our Slip accomplishes both of those things – and makes you look like a holiday shopping hero at the same time.

Luxxie is the slip, reinvented. It’s a luxury lingerie solution that creates a seamless silhouette so every outfit flatters her figure. Our signature Bralette Silk Slip (with or without lace) is functional enough to make you look smart and thoughtful, yet sexy enough that you’ll want her to wear nothing but Luxxie. Really, it’s a win-win. And again, all you need to know is two sizes to finally get her something she’ll love wearing. Guys, we don’t know any better way to say it: You can’t f--k this up.

It’s so easy. Use the chart below to determine her size. Then click to start shopping. Pick the color, size, and lace or no lace. (Get the lace.) Then click the order button and you’re done. That’s it. The perfect gift shipped directly to your house, with none of the fuss. No waiting in line at the mall. No overly cheery store clerks. No confusing sizes. You can start shopping during the commercial break of a football game and finish before the next play. Ready to get started? Click here.

Happy Holidays,

Luxxie Boston

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