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Black Tie Redefined


I wear a Luxxie Boston slip, cami or maxi virtually everyday.  Meaning, no matter what the day brings, I am draped in silk.  Starting my day with a solid foundation slashes my morning prep time in half.  Too sheer, too tight, too bunchy, riding up, riding down . . .none of these are concerns. 

At times, my (healthy?) obsession with my Luxxie foundation leads me to wear it as my only layer.  Both the Bustier Silk Cami and the Bralette Silk Cami are fantastic summer tops as they are breathable and feel extremely luxurious on the skin.  Recently at the Museum of Fine Arts Summer Gala here in Boston, I wore the hot number you see in the image above - the Luxxie Boston Bustier Silk Maxi Slip in Noir with a lace collar necklace. With the support of the bustier keeping me secure and lifted and the ease of movement of the silk blend material, I danced the night away without a moment of discomfort and completely enveloped in sensually smooth elegance.

IMAGE: Model wears Luxxie Boston Bustier Silk Maxi in Noir

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