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Our Story

Bringing together function and fantasy, we are rebooting the slip to help women feel confident all day.  Don't reshape yourself, reshape your world!

Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to the movement we call Luxxie Boston.  While working my way up the corporate ladder, I was appalled by the lack of options for foundation wear for women who wanted a solution that was functional, comfortable and sexy.  Why do I have to compromise one of the three?  What if I do not want to wear the sausage case of shapewear?  I found it difficult to breakthrough the glass ceiling if my legs were tied together.  My frustration led me to start Luxxie Boston and introduce a garment that properly services modern women.  Today’s woman is reaching unprecedented levels and cannot be held back by wardrobe discomfort. 

Working closely with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC, we started building initial prototypes in January of 2013. We brought together a group of over 60 women, sizes 0-16, and asked them evaluate our designs in their demanding daily routines.  

Our designs optimize for comfort, support, sexiness, and above all, function. We aim to create a seamless silhouette without a hint of discomfort. Running a comparison against the leading shapewear product, Luxxie Lab put our slip to the test. The result:


Luxxie delivered a cleaner fit, smoother shape as well as an insane amount of comfort, all without the restrictive feeling of shapewear. The chest support system created a lift to accentuate her waistline. In addition, our silk blend material contoured the garment's shape into the flattering silhouette shown above. The 36B participant loved the smooth fit and stated, "This supports my chest better than any bra I own. Can I borrow it for this weekend?"

You should not have to compromise comfort for a seamless silhouette – Luxxie Boston gives you both.

Thanks and have a glorious day!

Stefanie Mnayarji, CEO